>> Purchase Support:

I purchased the game on your website but haven't gotten a download link.
Several things could have happened but the most common is that the confirmation email ended up in your spam folder. Check and see if it's there.

What payment options do I have.
BMT MICRO offers many different ways to handle payment. Credit cards like Visa, MasterCard. But also PAYPAL, Discover, JCB Check, Debit Cards, online checks etc...

What happens when I order online?
Online payment is handled by BMT MICRO. One of the big players in the Internet online transaction market. BMT MICRO, is a very trusted name in on-line credit card and check billing solutions. They use a totally encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transaction connection. So you can really be sure every transaction is safe and secure.

After payment handling you immediately receive an e-mail with download instructions and your license.

I have a question about my order or payment.
For customers who have placed an order or have questions about ordering products, please go to our payment processor's service page or contact us here.

I have lost my licence and/or files.
In case you have lost your license key or need to download the game, contact us via our contact form. Don't forget to mention your full name, address and order number!

Do you give refunds?
If the game does not run correctly on your computer it is possible to get a refund. just mail us with your request and provide us with your system specification and problem. We will guarantee that we will refund the total amount within 48 hours. Please note that the refund request must be send to us within seven days after purchase. This guaranty applies only for the download versions of our games.

>> Technical Support:

Please visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) for most common
technical issues!

Can my computer run the game?
Please be sure your computer ( PC or MAC ) meets the minimum system specifications before you purchase a game.

My computer meets the requirements but I cannot run the game.
Due to the amount of different PC and Mac configurations the cause is often difficult to specify, however most of the hardware problems we get are due to:

* Outdated hardware drivers. Update your hardware drivers.
* Too many background processes are running ( chat programs, open browsers, etc. ).
* Inadequate 3D video cards, especially those in laptops and onboard videochips.
* Using outdated and spyware/virus infected operating systems (eg. Windows 98/98Se/ME).
* Using the newest videocards with outdated drivers.
* DirectX is not installed or corrupted (PC only). Download the latest DirectX runtime from the website of Microsoft.

Important Note:
Some 3D accelerator cards may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by the game, most older Intel Gfx chipsets can give problems. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 9 and OpenGL 1.2 compatibility.

Lovechess Salvage Launches!
"The game takes place in a post-war environment where the chess pieces are all dressed-up in bizarre naughty outfits, ready to engage each other in a battle of the sexes." Read More | Download Press Kit
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Adult Gaming Blog!
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First Sex Game for Mac:
The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex is the first 3D sex game ever to run an Apple Mac computer.
Playgirl & Artmunk:
It’s official, Playgirl and Artmunk Games are joining forces to create the best instructional & fun erotic computer game together!
New Trailer!
Download the latest Velvet express trailer
from here. (approx. 5.2Mb).
Endorsed by Dr. Alan Manevitz:
We are very proud that Dr. Alan Manevitz endorses The Playgirl Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex and lends his expertise in the sexual & medical field to our product.