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lovechess Salvage

Lovechess : Salvage

Price: $24.99
Salvage is the latest addition to the LoveChess series and by far the most advanced version in both visuals and gameplay. LoveChess Salvage continues to explore the combination of the oldest strategy game in the world with an exciting erotic experience.

Situated in a apocalyptic postwar world, the kinky outfitted pieces are ready to engage in a battle of the sexes. Every move you make brings you closer to a steaming hot capture. LoveChess Salvage has a wide range of varying sex positions, from Missionary and Doggy Style to, the back breaking acts, Reverse Cowgirl and Man Bridge. The capturing of pieces has been revamped for the new LoveChess with the addition of sound, orgasms and the possibility to actively guide the pieces to a climax.

Besides being a stylish and lighthearted sexgame, LoveChess is also known for it's intuitive gameplay and good chess engine. In this latest installment of the series we have upgraded the chessengine to provide ample challenge for both beginning and experienced players. Hours of both erotic and strategic fun are guaranteed!

Lovechess Salvage Features:

  • Intense Erotic Experience:
    From the highly detailed characters with bizarre clothing and fully working anatomy to the dizzying feats of the sexual captures, LoveChess Salvage pushes the boundaries of the series to a new level.
  • Stylistic and Graphical Upgrade:
    We want your game to look at its best so we upgraded the LoveChess Salvage graphics engine with a new lights and shadows system.
  • A Living Chess Board:
    All pieces are busy being idle, selected or capturing which results in a sprawling and living board. A sight to be seen!
  • Push 'm to the Top in full 3D:
    LoveChess Salvage has real interactive sex in realtime 3D complete with climaxes. The easy to use camera let's you experience the action from all sides.
  • Deep Strategic Gameplay:
    LoveChess features an improved chess engine, to challenge both beginning as expert players.
  • Multiplatform:
    Available for both a windows based PC and Mac.

Lovechess in the Press:

   "We love chess and we love love, so Lovechess is a guaranteed ten." Edge Magazine
   "Chess can be sexy...if you capture a piece the Chessboard becomes
   a sexual battlefield." Playboy

   "If you can play a strong game of chess while naked people writhe around you,
   more power to you." Destructoid

   "The first erotic chess game that showed sexual action in a stylish,
   humorous and light-hearted way." Gamershell

   "Classic Chess Game Become 18+ Now."
   "The graphics are very nice and the character models look convincing."
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