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Lovechess : Salvage

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This spring will be an exiting one for us, we will release a brand new version of Lovechess, titled Lovechess : Salvage. Salvage will bring a whole new flavor to the highly successful Lovechess series, this time no ancient fantasy setting but a twisted futuristic one. Lovechess Salvage will be available for both PC and MAC.

The game takes place in a post-war environment where the remaining humans try to survive in clans, these clans are gender based and the only way to have sex is to have a good fighting first! Modern weaponry is absent, so the clans took up the “material arts” to defend themselves.

Lovechess : Salvage is build from the ground up with a new graphical engine, a new animation system and many, many new visual improvements.

Besides the visual side of things we also implemented a new "sex" system, this time you can guide your "pieces" while they have sex and let them reach an orgasm if you play correctly. A good fight should have a proper reward after all!

Lovechess Salvage Features:

  • Highly detailed characters with wicked "kinky" clothing and fully working anatomy!
  • Post-war sceneries with highly detailed environments and an advanced light & shadows system.
  • Real interactive sex, let your "Pieces" reach an orgasm.
  • Exiting fighting animations based on Kung fu and other Martial Arts.
  • Experience the action from all sides with the movable camera.
  • New and improved chess engine, to challenge both beginning as expert players.
  • And much more...

Release Information:
As stated we expect Lovechess : Salvage to be available for download spring 2010, the exact release date will be announced soon. Be sure to check this site for future news or subscribe to our games blog where we will publish any news as soon as it's available!