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The game fails to launch correctly after I click on my desktop icon, what can I do?
If you have a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system be sure to update your graphics driver to the latest version. A driver is a small piece of software that controls your computer display. These drivers can be found on the manufacturer website of your graphical card, nvidia, Intel and Ati are the most common ones. You can find their driver pages here:

Ati (AMD)

Or, alternatively, you can use Device Doctor to scan your computer hardware for updated drivers for your devices. Device Doctor is a free utility that can be downloaded from There is a slim version available from their special builds page. On their download page look for the link to "Click here for Builds Page...", from there select "DeviceDoctor_Setup.exe: Device Doctor Bare Install".

The game stops working after a while or after one position what can I do?
Be sure that your system has the latest drivers for you video card ( graphics driver ). If the drivers are updated and the problem persists be sure to close all running programs or background processes like msn, gtalk, downloadsoftware etc.. This is especially true on older or “low-end” computers.

The game runs very slow, what can I do?
Be sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements mentioned on every product page. If your computer does not meet these minimum specifications consider upgrading your computer or videocard.

If your computer meets the “minimum system requirements” and is on the lower side of the spectrum, be sure to close down other programs running in the background. Keeping your system in good condition ( remove spyware, defragment your hardrive,update the drivers, etc.. ) can greatly improve it's overall performance.

I get this error "You cannot open the application because it is not supported on this system", what to do?
You have purchased the wrong version ( usually the PC version and you have a Mac ), contact us to get the Mac version. Also, we only support Intel Macs.

How to save the game ( Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex )?
In the Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex your couple is automatically saved, including the progression you made with achievements. If you want to create a new couple, select a different “painting” on the first screen ( where the couple is on the bed ).

I have done all the things you suggested but still have problems, what can I do?
We take pride in our products and always give the best support we can on our games, if you still have any issues running the game please the time to contact us AND provide us with the information we need about your system, so we can help you! And please provide us with as much details as you can, like error messages, what doesn't work etc..

Microsoft Windows support: Please provide us with a dxdiag. A dxdiag is an textual description of the hardware of your computer as seen from DirectX. These hardware descriptions are very helpfull for giving support and understanding your computer.

To create a dxdiag.txt:
1. Click START.
2. On XP:Click Run, Clear the "Open" box and type "dxdiag". Click OK.
On Vista and Windows7: Click on the Start orb and type "dxdiag" in Start Search. Hit return.
3. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open.
4. Click Save All Information.
5. Save the dxdiag.txt file it to your Desktop.
6. Now you should see a text file called "dxdiag.txt" sitting on your Windows desktop.
7. Copy the contents of the dxdiag.txt in to your message.

Apple Macintosh support:
In case you're using a Mac sent us the type and model (upper left Apple icon -- About This Mac). We need the model name, processor name and graphics chipset model and available vram.

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This Spring will be an exciting one for us, as we will release a new version of Lovechess!
First Sex Game for Mac:
The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex is the first 3D sex game ever to run an Apple Mac computer.
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It’s official, Playgirl and Artmunk Games are joining forces to create the best instructional & fun erotic computer game together!
New Trailer!
Download the latest Velvet express trailer
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Endorsed by Dr. Alan Manevitz:
We are very proud that Dr. Alan Manevitz endorses The Playgirl Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex and lends his expertise in the sexual & medical field to our product.