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The Virtual World Web, interview with Zak Zarry (2)

September 26, 2009 · 0 comments

Utherverse is the company behind the “Virtual World Web” what are the future plans of VWW?
The Virtual World Web, a product created by Utherverse, is an interconnected web of 3D communities

that delivers a user experience that is vastly more enriching and satisfying than the flat World Wide Web that is so popular today. With our live public launch of this groundbreaking technology, Utherverse Digital, has begun to revolutionize the way people relate to each other and the ways that they undertake their online experiences.

The Utherverse delivers entirely new kinds of online social interactions, as well as vastly improved methods for business to engage and for users to experience entertainment, commerce, news and events. The future is a 3D internet and were working on getting there. Since launching last year, we already have over 36,000 worlds and 6,300,000 registered users.

One of the features of the VWW is selling goods online ( a virtual store ), how does this work?
A business can easily set up shop within the virtual world web, much like a 2D website, to sell goods. In a 3D platform, the focus becomes the experience of the consumer and the interaction with the product. A store can be virtually staffed with salespeople for a customer service experience that is parallel to real life, or better. Products can be modeled virtually to populate the 3D store and easily linked to the existing 2D website to finalize the purchase process.

Other things you would like to share with our readers?
It’s new, exciting and something that should be checked out! Imagine if you had gotten involved in the first internet right before it peaked in the late 90′s. This is round two, so be sure to get on board and see what it out there for you.

Jump to Part 1 of the interview, Red Light Center an Adult Fantasy Sex MMO or visit the Red Light Center website.

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