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sexy dreams 3d

Sexy Dreams 3D

August 4, 2010

An adult version of the good old Monopoly, players travel around the board collecting coins and property. When you land on such a property you can do two things, pay rent or perform a sexual desire ( desires are set up & customized upfront ). You can play “Sexy Dreams 3D” with two or more players.

The game is intended as a party game, or to play with your partner as foreplay ( to persuade your partner to try something new, like spanking or some bondage, if she/he goes berserk you can always blame the game ). The look and feel of the game is quite psychedelic and sometimes even a little to bright for the eyes, the functionality however is done well.

Sexy Dreams 3D has a free trial that works for 15 days, you can download it from this location: http://www.sexydreams3d.com/sexydreams.exe

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