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sex scene from Dragon Age

Sex in Video Games

March 31, 2010

When we started in the gaming industry computer games were mostly considered for kids and young adults. Sure, there were some computer games out there with an adult or mature rating ( mostly based on “blood and gore” or “bad language” ). However sex or nudity wasn’t really something people would expect in a video game and the first attempts from studios to use sex as a subject, or even partial nudity, was not received very well by the general public.

I can remember quite a few headlines in the press how these computer games would destroy morality of the upcoming generation. Although we have seen a similar discussion on the usage of warfare or heavy violence in video games, sex in a game was even worse. The main reason the idea of sex or violence in a video game upsets people is that they are still under the misconception video games are solely intended for kids. Which is obviously not correct. The average age of a gamer today is somewhere between 30 and 35 years old, the minority of gamers ( about 25 % ) is younger then 18 years. If kids get their hands on games with sex or heavy violence it’s their parents fault, nothing more nothing less. If an adult likes to play these games it’s their choice and they should have the freedom to do so.

An other misconception is that people think a person would act in “real life” in a similar way as they do inside a game. If this would be true about half the world population would be exterminated by now, don’t you think? Games like Call of Duty or sold by the millions, guns are widely available for those who seek one… ah well you get my point.

For the sake of the discussion lets leave out some messed up people that killed half their class AND played a violent video game. If you take a closer look at these “cases” there were all kinds of problems and it would to easy to just blame the games they played. But lets embrace the idea for a while there is a relation between playing a game and your real life actions, what would sex in a game do? Let you have more sex? This could be hardly labeled “bad” is it.

The game industry is relatively new and I’m quite sure sex in games will be “normalized” soon, the same way sex or erotic scenes are considered “normal” in mainstream movies or television. Already there are studios who weave some sex scenes or nudity into their games, Gods of War 3, Dragon Age, Age of Conan or Heavy Rain to name a few. I expect more “mainstream” titles following this pattern in the next couple of years. Obviously these games are not intended for kids and should not be available to them, but as stated before that is the responsibly of their parents, not the entertainment industry.

Note! Screenshots are taken from Gods of War 2 and Dragon Age.

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