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A sex game on your Cell Phone?

August 1, 2010

Right now we are exploring options to publish our games on mobile platforms, cell phones, iPhones and possible Android based systems. One of the first things you do when you want to create something for a new platform is check whats already on the market. Surprisingly it wasn’t easy to find anything even remotely related to sex AND games.

The typical search query “sex game” in the Apple iStore brings up a few titles. A free app that learns an old dog some new tricks with 72 new sex positions or an app that can be used to get in the mood by talking dirty to your spouse. What these apps have in common is that there is no explicit imagery and the language used is more suggestive then explicit. I guess apple did a good job weeding porn from their platforms, to quote Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs “Folks who want porn can buy and Android phone“ and obviously this includes sex games.

So this leaves us with Android based mobile systems, right now this is solely the domain of cell phones. However tablet variants like the iPad are expected near the end of this year, if they can beat or really compete with Apple’s iPad has to be seen, but Android based cell phones surely can. This combined with the more “open nature” of Google’s Android OS opens up this platform for games like ours.

The only drawback is that just like Apple’s iStore your not allowed to sell your adult games on the Android Market, they also have a no sex & violence policy. However the big difference with Apple is that you can buy Android applications anywhere you like, and not just in one store.

Here’s my list of sex related phone apps I discovered so far, feel free to post any new ones as a comment below.

Free 72 Sex position app for your iPhone
A Sexy game by Krysis for iPhone

The Android apps seem to have a little more diversity although they are still in the same questions & answers, puzzle or wallpaper phase…

Nymphamous for Android by Dom & Tom
Sex Position & Animation
Tantric Sex Deck
StudiesThe Psychology of Sex

If you browse these apps ( or google & search some yourself ) you might get disappointed with the current state of adult games for your Phone or iPad. I guess there is a lot of work for us game developers to bring these apps on par with the games currently available on “regular” machines.

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