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Red Light Center

March 11, 2009 · 0 comments

Red Light Center is the only “real” online sex game to date. The one title coming close is the online virtual world Second Life, however Second Life is more focused towards a “life simulation” and the sexual side is just a part of the experience.

Think of Red Light Center as a mixture of an online world, a sex game and a platform where people can socialize within a 3D environment. On the members profile pages you can also chat, send each other messages and post pictures. So in essence they provide all the tools you can imagine to “hookup” and give “virtual sex” with real people a go.

Although sex is clearly the main focus of the title, there are also other naughty things to do when you login to the RLC world. Things like gambling, pole dancing, visiting a nightclub or smoke some weed. They surely did a good job highlighting our own little naughty place, the Red light district in Amsterdam.

One of the most important aspects of an online world is it’s community, there’s no point in having virtual sex in your own, right? When I asked Zak Zarry ( one of the developers at Utherverse ) about the this, he mentioned some impressive numbers. There are 3 million registered accounts, 400K people were active in the last month and there are always around 13K people online at any given time. So I guess you don’t have to feel lonely when you log in to RLC.

Overall Red Light Center has many things going for it, the only con I want to mention are the graphics, they are really low end. I do understand they want to cater a large audience ( read: it should run on about anything with a screen ) but the engine could really use a beefy upgrade and I surely hope they will in the near future. Meanwhile, I still highly recommend to give this title a go, they provide a free trial to start you first account, so go for it. And don’t forget to visit the Lovechess temple in RLC, they build it inside the game world a few years ago!

Red Light Center website

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