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Real Girlfriend ( Real Kanojo )

April 25, 2010

Kanojo is used in Japan to refer to an other wife or girlfriend and that is basically what this piece of software provides, a girlfriend to interact with on your computer screen. The style could be labeled typical Japanese, for people into Hentai that’s a plus, for others it’s obviously not.

Fact is that Real Girlfriend is the first Japanese adult themed game that goes beyond the “interactive” comic book sim games ( like the Peach Princess and many other similar titles ). It is in real time 3D, it’s interactivity is more then just clicking trough dialogs and it even has a nifty face tracking option with your webcam.

So I guess you could say “Real Girlfriend” is the most technically advanced Anime style game today, however the whole presentation and interaction feels very shallow. Maybe it’s the concept that makes me feel sad… Having a virtual Girlfriend sounds like you really need to get out more, maybe it’s the visual style that just doesn’t appeal to me, or it brings back to many Tamagotchi memories…

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