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Orgia Romanus the first real sex MMO?

May 25, 2012

2012 will be quite an exiting year for the MMO crowd, games like Guildwars 2, The Secret world and Tera will be released and even World of Warcraft will get a new expansion. However there is one upcoming title that escaped my attention, Orgia Romanus!

Orgia Romanus is a game in development by FoxySoft and set within the Roman Empire. It promises to be a real MMO ( including fighting, exploring a world and loot stuff ) with one big plus, the social interaction does not end with some casual chatting. Right now the game is just a promise. On the website there are a few screenshots ( from within an unspecified gameengine ) and a few artist impressions. There’s also some minor descriptions of the game and it’s feature, like sex slave markets and back alley prostitutes.

If they will be able to deliver the game at one point in time has to be seen. An MMO is not a game you can create with a few people and I don’t even mention the hardware requirements to get such a project up and running. It seems they are trying to get things rolling with crowdfunding. Not an easy thing to achieve. We will keep you posted!

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