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Cybering in Games

April 12, 2010

I must admit I follow this whole dating & cyber sex phenomena from a distance, I’ve never been really involved in it myself ( the closest thing was an “investigation” of Second life’s adult scene for an article I was working on ). I do find this whole online sex thing an intriguing way of using the internet, somehow it’s a natural evolution from those relationship agencies and human interaction through chat systems and social media.

Online dating
There are roughly two ways of using dating systems, the most common one is to use it to find a real partner ( for a relation or just sex.. ). An other way to use these systems is to get involved in something called “cybering”. Cybering is a virtual sexual encounter via the internet, using a wide array of tools like email, chat programs ( with or without a webcam involved ) or even online games.

Cybering in Online Games
Some of these 3D games are more or less designed for this purpose ( Red Light Center or Achat ) others have cybering as a side effect. I remember quite a buzz going trough the blogosphere when two night elves were “caught” in World of Warcraft while they were involved in cybering in Stormwind’s underground rail system. While there wasn’t really anything to see ( just two elves sitting on the floor using the in-game chat system to describe their sexual activities ) it did bring “cybersex” in the picture for a “mainstream” audience.

An other game that is not really designed for cybering, but does have a large community engaged in it, is Second Life. Second Life’s open world system allows people to create their own content, including animations, rooms, tools etc… It’s not much of a surprise people soon started to use this “tool set” for more naughty purposes, like virtual sex.

Overall I consider Cyber sex a “normal” activity on the internet. I can’t see much harm in adults engaged in these things, what ever floats your boat… There are however a few serious “issues” to consider. First, it should be limited to places only accessible for adults, attempting cybering in a place with a mixed audience ( read any online game, or chat system ) is a no go and should be treated like abuse or harassment in the “real world”.

We also know those horror stories of sick people trying to pick up kids in online worlds or chat systems leading to child abuse. It’s the same with young people using these chat systems & webcams to “show” themselves, an activity increasingly popular by youngsters or even kids in Europe and the US. Just to be clear I don’t blame these virtual worlds or chat systems for this, personally I think parents & educators should better watch over their kids, the world is not a safe place, and a virtual world isn’t any different.

If your interested in Cybering with “real people” ( within a 3D environment ) I would suggest trying Red Light Center or Achat. Both are for adults only and have a free trial. I would not suggest Second Life at this point for it’s mixed audience.

The Red Light Center Website
the AChat Cyber Sex Tool

( Images taken from the Achat Cyber tool )

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