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Crazy 3D Comics

March 29, 2010

Last week I wrote an article about the creation of erotic images with DAZ 3D and Poser. This week I would like to introduce the guys from Crazy 3D, who use these systems to pump out the most wicked 3D cartoons and sex animations you can imagine.

Crazy 3D is a cooperation of artists and is active on the web for as long as I can remember. They started out with those images stories, similar to those “Photo comics” that were quite popular in the 80′s. Only this time the story was not very romantic and the intended audience wasn’t the typical housewife. It was ( and still is.. ) quite hardcore porn from an edgy angle.
Although some of their original stuff was to “heavy” for my taste, they definitely got something right and that’s their unique mixture of humor and sex.

Today Crazy 3D is almost a synonym for the genre, they cover about every niche or perversion I can imagine and their list of niche sites is growing rapidly. The bulk of their work is still the “comic book style” pages, however they are also getting their hands dirty on animations these days.

The images in the gallery are taken from a free preview clip,
see the robots in action here. One of the “old school” comics can be found here.

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