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May 2, 2010

While most adult themed games aim for realism, broadly following the idea that some level of realism is needed to gain an erotic feeling or get people aroused playing the game. There are also adult games that do things differently. The most recent example of such a game is Bonetown.

In bonetown they take the cartoonish route, and although cartoons generally speaking can be sexy and erotic, Bonetown is certainly not. So if your looking for an “erotic experience” this game is not for you. However if you are looking for some adult themed humor, and always wanted to play a bully who hits on people in more then one way, read on!

The game takes place on an island and the town you start out in is called ( what a surprise..) Bonetown. There are no laws in Bonetown and you can do what ever you like ( read : smack people’s faces , smoke weeds and have loads of sex ). The first 10 minutes playing you will be engaged in sex with a blond lady at the beach, you will use some vague potion to shapeshift and you will be hitting people, with your hands, a tennis racket, a club, mechanic tools etc…

You will also discover nothing comes cheap in Bonetown, it’s all about the money after all… And you will find out that Bonetown is not that “no rules utopia” you think it to be. All in all the game offers plenty of things to do and explore. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the game world and the amount of things you can get involved in ( besides hitting people and persuading girls to suck your dick, which can get old if it’s the only thing to do, right? ).

The visuals of the game are on a “it does the job” level ( if you turn all graphic sliders to max setting ) and the sounds & music are pretty good. Fact is that while playing it doesn’t bother you that the graphics are not top notch, there’s somehow a nice blend between the cartoonish style and visual quality. It also makes it possible to run the game on rather low end machines, which is quite a plus in this market.

Overall the game is fun to play, sometimes even hilarious, and it offers good value for money. It’s not a game you play for hours on a row, but a nice casual adult title I can easily recommend.

Bonetown Website

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