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Red Light Center, interview with Zak Zarry

September 26, 2010

I had the opportunity to ask Zak Zarry at Red Light Center a few questions about their online adult game. He also provides more information on the Virtual World Web, a product created by Utherverse.

For those who never heard of Red Light Center, what’s it all about?
Red Light Center is an adult fantasy MMOR (Massively Multiplayer Online Reality) where users portray themselves via avatars in an immersive 3D Virtual environment. It is loosely based on the Red Light District in Amsterdam with a focus on social interaction, community and of course, some adult fun. You can be anyone you want to be and fulfill your fantasies.

Red Light Center is around for quite some time now, how’s the community these days?
The community is the best is has ever been, and growing daily. Much like the real world, friendships are made and groups are formed from that. This is where the social aspect shines and what keeps our members coming back each day, the opportunity to catch up and share things with their friends. RLC now has user houses, an in-world economy and many business opportunities for people looking for work or to start their own venture.

A large part of the experience in RLC is to meet people, any weddings reported from people that met each other in RLC?
Though it is not our focus to match up people in real life, it does happen once in a while where two members just click (pun intended) and end up having a stronger connection than the online realm can contain. We have around 400 virtual weddings a month so is a very active part of the life here. Occasionally, our virtual weddings turn into actual weddings in real life.

How does Red Light Center keeps people interested?
We have a full time events team that are continually working on bringing in various entertainment and activities that will appeal to everyone in the community. We have movies, beach parties, trivia and games, concerts, contests and more.

Some recent events include a Miss Utherverse contest, which was so popular that it spawned a Mr. Utherverse contest, and our upcoming “Utherverse Idol” competition There are now over 36,000 virtual worlds for members to explore within the network.

In RLC there is quite some stuff going on that most American people wouldn’t agree on in “real life”, how does the general public react on RLC?
Anytime you get a group of people together, in any setting, you are going to experience some differences and arguments. Though we do not ‘police’ our community, we do have members who volunteer to be ambassadors, guides and protectors to watch over things and be there to solve conflicts that may arise.

We have a “world justice” community that has been implemented to solve any escalated situations. Our platform allows people to be themselves, explore their sexuality and try new and different things that they may not want to try in real world yet.

Jump to Part 2 of the interview, the Virtual World Web by Utherverse
or visit the Red Light Center website.

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