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SexVilla goes Medieval

August 22, 2010

In the latest installment of 3D Sexvilla you can dress up your characters in early medieval outfits and even place your favorite character on the throne in a baronial palace. The outfits range from late roman silk clothing to combat armor, all fitting within the medieval theme.

It’s nice to see how they transform armor and other elements into sexy outfits, like in this image where they used armor plating to create a “golden plate bikini”. It wouldn’t help much in traditional combat but it looks good for sure. Other themes available in 3D Sexvilla are Baroque, Prison, Airplane, Pirates and quite a few others. It’s also possible to create ( and share ) your own outfits or to adjust existing ones.

Other updates in this new version of Sexvilla are: Voice packs, in several languages ( ever wanted to have sex in French? ), new locations, like the Throne room, the Prison and a Library. They also added a lot of minor stuff like Pigtails, tattoos and sex toys.

Sexvilla offers a free trial you can download from this location.

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