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3D Sex Life

May 30, 2010

A few weeks ago I received a review copy of “3D Sex Life”, a virtual sex simulator with build in Virtual Stroker support. Before I continue I must admit I did not try the stroking device while playing the game and I highly doubt it would contribute much to the game itself ( if these stroker devices are fun or not is an other discussion, lets focus on the game here ).

After a rather strange installation, you need to run 3 setups in a row with admin rights enabled or windows might freeze… the game fires up and your good to go. The options are pretty standard, choose a girl, pick a scenery and your transported to a room, garden or boathouse.

Now the real disappointment begins, the scenery looks crappy, the characters are rather low quality and the sex options are limited to 6 positions in the entire game. I could understand the choice for a limited set of sex positions if they would have some sort depth, some variations or interactivity. Quantity is not everything, I know. However providing so few options and no interactivity ( besides an animation speed slider, and a button you can press to cum ) almost feels like scam.

At this point there is no demo, so if you want to try the game yourself you need to buy the full version. 3D Sexlife costs $ 19.95 dollars a month or
$ 59.95 for the non recurring version, money better spend elsewhere. On our game demo pages there are lots of games that offer better quality at a lower price.

Link to website

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